View from the Porch

View from the Porch

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Third time might really be a charm ....

Just got off the phone with David.  He's really a good salesman.  When I shared the good news about the change in dimensions, he calmly said that we had looked at a floor plan in Manteca that was 24 x 52 and while I indicated I liked it, I liked the other one better.

Oh yeah, now I remember.  I wasn't crazy about the rounded breakfast bar, but...everything else was great.  This floor plan used to be their go-to plan, before the 27' wide models became acceptable in parks.

Hopefully, dear readers, this will be the 2nd to the last time I show you a floor plan.  I expect that once I get the site plan from Dick, and forward it to David, there will be some mods, but I like this.

The laundry/utility room is good-sized, plenty of storage.  Nothing needs to be done to the Master Bath, except replace the tub with a shower.  There are good sized closets in the other two bedrooms.  We'll also mirror flip the floor plan, like with the other one.

I am now, officially, cautiously optimistic.  Gotta tell ya ... this has been an e-ticket emotional roller coaster.

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