View from the Porch

View from the Porch

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Too Many Choices

On Monday, I drove up to Santa Rosa to drop off the check to buy the house in Sonoma.    I had some time to kill before I met Sarah to show her where I was going to be living, so I thought I'd stop by yet another manufactured home retailer, Clayton Homes on Santa Rosa Avenue.  They had actually been one of my first stops a couple of months ago, but I thought their homes were pricey, and there was no sales person to show me around so I moved on.

Clayton homes has a lovely sales office, and many lot models.   When I explained some of my confusions, frustrations and dilemmas to Robin, the sales manager, she got it.  We looked at a couple of homes on the lot.  And then she mentioned that the lot models were (a) for sale and (b) discounted because they were already on the lot.  They were as configured, no customizing, but the price was right.

Then she showed me their number 1 seller, the Fireside.  Open the front door and you walk into this:

You can even buy the furniture that they had staged the home with.  Now yes, I wanted the stainless upgrade package, but heck ... black isn't to shabby, and while the cabinets aren't the light, alder wood that is my favorite, they're pretty spiffy.

And while I was partial to the floor plan where the bedrooms are one end of the home and the kitchen/living/dining on the other,  this plan does have the raised ceilings.  And this master bath also had the shower that I wanted, but the tub I did not.

Did I mention that from the time you pay Clayton for the home, and the site is prepped, it will only take them two weeks to put it on the site?  BIG seller for me.  That means I can be in by the end of October.

Then Robin said that these homes had been flying off the lot, and for a totally refundable $1,000, I could reserve the home and get their contractor to go out to the site to see how it would be placed, and talk to the park management about the process.

Ok, it's not EXACTLY what I wanted, but it's there.  If I can manage all the moving parts, maybe I can be in moved by the middle of October.  I can always add the touches I want later, and the price is less than what I'd been looking at.  And it's there.

Out came the check book.  Meeting the contractor on Tuesday.

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