View from the Porch

View from the Porch

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Retail therapy

At my favorite knitting group this morning a couple of my dear friends and fellow enablers knitters mentioned that Macy's was having a 50% furniture sale in Novato, and as I really need a sofa, might be good to check it out.

Boy howdy, were they having a sale.  Look at what I found, Ma, and it followed me home (or will when I have one).

Nice wide seats (I think the problem with my current sofa, that was mom's, is that the base seat width is too narrow ... you kinda slide off), and comfy but not soft, and it's tall enough so that (unlike the first sofa we had that was a 70s, low-to-the-ground sectional we call "the grabber") it's easy to get out of.  Covered in easy-to-clean microfiber, and I'm special ordering the sage color.  It was 60% off original.

It will be about 6-8 weeks before it's delivered, but the way things are going that may be about right :(  As the very nice salesman assisting me and I were getting down to the  part about delivery, I mentioned I was moving to a senior community, he asked where, I said Sonoma, he said he and his wife had moved to one there as well, I asked "Oh, where?" and he said "7 Flags".  At which point I said "howdy neighbor".   Had a most interesting conversation, and while they've only been there a little over a year, he concurs with my impressions of the place, and he and his wife love it there.  He did understand the issue about the tree, and while he has no say, agrees that it should probably come out.  So, yet another nod from the universe that this is a good move.

So then I wandered over to the rug department.  I'm looking for something striking that can go with the furniture, but not too expensive.

So, if the floor looks like this:

And walls and ceilings look like this (stark white ceiling and baseboard, a light ecru wall):

And the sofa and my "comfy chair" basically the same dark sage green:

Wouldn't this be a Fabulous area rug?  I didn't buy it, but am having serious thoughts about going back to get it.


The Queen said...

I happen to LOVE the rug choice -- and I think it would work well.

I'm excited about the house for you and all the choices you get to make -- and I'm really hoping the park sees it your/the correct way soon.

Miss you.

Braizyn said...

Hey GF, LTNS! How you been? Thanks for the good words. Still somewhere in the mid west?