View from the Porch

View from the Porch

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Their way or the highway.

Some good friends reviewed my edited letter;  I included cites from California Title 25 - Housing and Community Development, Mobile Home Park Installation Regulations and the 2012 California Mobile Home Residency Law, both of which had excellent information relative to my issues.  I forwarded it to the builder. They spoke with the park, who advised that there was absolutely no compromise to be had from them.

1.  The tree must stay
2.  The only size home they will permit on the lot is 24 x 50

The builder was at a bit of a loss to explain why the owners are so reluctant to cut down the tree (as no reason was given for that decision), suggested I not send the letter and see about asking an arborist to evaluate the north tree.

No letter sent, and after some networking, I found someone to evaluate the tree this morning.  There will be a written report tonight, which I will take up to the park tomorrow.

The preliminary findings are:

1.  The South tree is healthy and should remain in place.

2.  The North tree is in decline.  It appears that the root structure, at some point in time, was trimmed to keep it from damaging the sidewalk. That has weakened the tree.  The thin and scraggly limb growth and the way the tree leans is a direct result of the trimming of the root ball in the  past.  The trimming has also made the tree vulnerable to rot.

Then what? 

What if the park owners don't give a damn (which I don't think they do) and say, so what?

1.  Do I go forward and build something that while, for the most part would be ok, but isn't what I really want? Then move somewhere else later?

2.  Put a cheap home on there and sell it quick?

I have a couple of thoughts as to why I think the park owners are doing this, which I won't list here, but I don't think any of them have to do with me, personally. However, I  want  to thank them for turning something that I felt to be a joyful experience, into a nightmare, that is costing me double rent.


The Queen said...

Hey -- it's been way too long!! I miss you.

I'm following closely along, knowing that when all is said and done, you will get what you want. I'm SURE of it.

Just a thought -- and slightly afraid to say it out loud, but if that tree were say actually dying/dead, wouldn't they HAVE to take it out? This may be the tactic you are taking with the arborist, but I'm wondering if it doesn't need to be stronger stated.

Then my other question is: Is the only thing preventing the orientation change the tree or the fact that the owners appear to be an immoveable, non-visionary force? Since after all, you are vastly improving the site over its purchased condition.

Thinking of you lots!

Braizyn said...

Thanks for the support, Patricia!

I think, to prove that the tree is actually dying, I'd have to spend a whole lot more money for a more thorough investigation. But as it stands, the inspector is just commenting on the visuals, as presented, rather than digging either into the ground, the roots or the trees. It was also commented upon that both tree roots are wrapped in plastic, which is also not a healthy sign. We shall see.